About Us

 In 2008, we opened Thamel Coffee in warorot market of chiang mai.

 The cornerstone concept of the Thamel Coffee is a Nepaly Slow feeling. So, our shop name is from "Thamel street" in nepal.

 Where other coffeehouses may hurry customers out the door, we at Thamel Coffee invite you to stay, and feel honored when you decide to settle in with us for a whole afternoon (that’s why we tempt you with free wireless Internet and nepaly music)

 Where we regard our customers with warmth and respect, we consider our coworkers as close as family. Each Thamel Coffee staffer brings new creativity, ideas and joy to the table, thereby continuing what has become a grand tradition of diversity and originality at Thamel Coffee.


We treasure the bonds we share with customers and fellow baristas, and we hope you’ll join us in growing our family bigger still.